Shallow End Records is an independent label based in the NYC area since 2011. We are an artist-run collective dedicated to supporting local original indie punk / rock music.

Albums are available for download in a variety of formats, and payment is optional. If you like the music, please show your support! We promise to only use the money for evil.

by Buzzkill

The debut album from Buzzkill is 14 tracks of old-man punk DIY angst and power chords recorded from 2008-2011 as an alternative to wasting any more time playing Guitar Hero.

MAY 2006
Not Live At Budokan
by Headfloss

The pinacle of their 2006 world tour of a handful of seedy NYC venues and bars, they somehow managed to NOT play an amazing show at the legendary temple of rock, Budokan. And despite the title, it's not even a live album. But it is a handful of rockin tunes.

JULY 2004
by Headfloss

The original Headfloss "demo" delivers 7 tracks of indie punk rock recorded in the hot, sweaty summer of 2004. The playing of these original songs kept the band in drink tickets for many years at numerous pubs, clubs, bars, and beer gardens around NYC.

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