July 5, 2006

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JULY 5, 2006 (NEW YORK, NY) - Primordial Music has released the debut album from industrial metal artist Hazmat, and the full album is being offered online as a free download from the label's website. For fans of aggressive and tightly produced industrial, the album delivers a powerful sonic assault.

Hazmat is the new solo project of Matt Collins, a founding member of "torture-tech" band Neuroplague, who performed in and around New York in the late ninties, opening for bands like Rammstein, Hanzel und Gretyl, Android Lust and Terminal Sect. In the meantime, Matt has also worked as one half of the gothic, ethereal rock band Depirator and played guitar with Metropolis recording artist Porcupine Defense.

"4 Point Perspective" is the full length debut album from Hazmat; 11 tracks of heavy, electronic-laced, guitar-driven industrial. Aggressive and focused, this first album from Hazmat is a manifesto of machine rock. The recipe for Hazmat is "One part razor blade guitar, one part mechanical attack drums, and one part synthetic cyberpunk noise" says Collins, in a bit of typical music industry hyperbole. Drawing on the early guitar-centric industrial bands like Ministry, KMFDM, 16 Volt and Skrew, Hazmat creates a unique sound that the artist refers to as "post-dead industrial."

The album's 11 songs walk a straight line, but swerve from the straight ahead metal pounding of "Nothing Comes True" to the industrial club sound of "Song For Insects" to the rock anthem feel of "Attack Formation."

For listeners who download the songs, the website notes that the album includes a Creative Commons "Some Rights Reserved" license, which basically allows anyone to copy and share the music, without having their conscience troubled about violating the rights of the artist.

The artist behind HAZMAT, Matt Collins, explains, "The capacity for reaching new ears with unknown music has become so diminished that I decided to try a new approach. With this release, my goal is to circumvent the whole production, distribution and marketing processes, and get the music straight into the ears of new listeners. It is a bit of an experiment, and I hope that it turns out to be the best way to get as many people to hear the album as possible."


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