PORCUPINE DEFNESE is the solo project of multimedia artist, musician and composer Colin Schwen. As half of a duo, Colin initially fronted innovative industrial band, Terminal Sect on Metropolis Records. Terminal Sect released two albums; Thehumansconditioned (1995), and Bread and Wine For The Dirt (1997). TS additionally released a remix EP of their single, Gun Worship collaborating with artists EnEsch of KMFDM & Chris Moriarty from Controlled Bleeding. Terminal Sect was also featured on multiple compilations, most notably Raised in Black, a tribute to AC/DC. Their cover of Who Made Who was co-produced/written with KMFDM’s EnEsch. Terminal Sect’s members stopped recording together in 1997 on amicable terms. Porcupine Defense grew from the artist’s desire to produce a more organic sound that encompasses a wider range of genres, reflective of his own diverse musical interests. Porcupine Defense incorporates textural soundscape, heavy hitting dance beats, unconventional electronic processing, and thought provoking lyrics that comment on political and spiritual issues. Splinter, PD’s first album, was released in 1997 on Metropolis Records. Colin compiled an impressive group of musicians to accompany his live east coast tour, including Gus Yoo (Neuroplague, Symbiotic) Matt Collins (HAZMAT, Neuroplague, Despirator), James Z (Eye Kandy, Symbiotic), Tom Zagorski (Eye Kandy, Bile, Pig Face) and original Terminal Sect band mate, Howard Wulkan. On stage PD combines music with striking visuals which creates an atmospheric and compelling live experience.

In 1998, Colin went back into the studio and began to work on the songs which would eventually grow into his latest album : Red Cross Radio Hymn, his most musically accomplished work to date. The central themes : loss, spiritual disillusionment and alienation are set against a background of Distorted guitars and Heavy beats. While the album’s overall essence is dark, it is not a tale of melancholy. Seven years in the making, RCRH is the story of ravage, redemption and ultimately release. It is a powerful and mature work well worth the wait of PD’s fans. In the interim, Colin has worked with such artists as Symbiotic, Side 3 and Despirator. He has also launched a few of his own side projects: Ampullae of Lorenzini, Antenna (an EBM project) and GoGo Commandos. Colin has also released several one-off singles, most notably his contribution to the NIN tribute album Recovered in Nails that Featured Matt Collins on Guitars. PD’s cover of Reptile was aptly described by Sick Among The Pure as “the anthem for sexually transmitted diseases... the synthetic, crunchy guitars, paired with vocalist Colin Schwen's malevolent take on Reznor's lyrics, give the listener a good indication that there really are big, bad monsters lurking underneath your bed.” Porcupine Defense highlights Colin’s multitude of visual and musical artistry. Fans of Terminal Sect and PD’s early work will be impressed with the growth of this artist’s natural ability to provoke thought and stimulate the senses. The long awaited release of Red Cross Radio Hymn serves as a bridge for Porcupine Defense’s musical evolution. Colin is currently back in the studio working on a new album tentatively titled : “Ghosts and Wind” to be released Winter 2008, as well as an EP for late Summer 2007.

Full Album

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Of All Tracks (140.4 MB)
01 ICE AGE [Part II] 0:49 Download MP3 (1.2 MB)
02 The Third Collision
5:06 Download MP3 (7.1 MB)
03 Blink 4:11 Download MP3 (5.8 MB)
04 Confession 4:41 Download MP3 (6.5 MB)
05 Revolution
[Million arrow stare part III]
5:33 Download MP3 (7.7 MB)
06 Brave 4:59 Download MP3 (6.9 MB)
07 Slow Bleed 4:03 Download MP3 (5.7 MB)
08 The Catalyst Hate 4:01 Download MP3 (5.6 MB)
09 Last Man to Leave a Ghost Town 2:34 Download MP3 (3.6 MB)
10 Sunlight On My Bones 4:24 Download MP3 (6.1 MB)
11 Revenge 2:46 Download MP3 (3.9 MB)
12 Red Cross Radio Hymn 4:09 Download MP3 (5.8 MB)
13 Dung Beetle 4:44 Download MP3 (6.6 MB)
14 Retro Cold War 2:33 Download MP3 (3.6 MB)
15 Power Pulse Inertia 4:40 Download MP3 (6.5 MB)
16 Merciless 3:43 Download MP3 (5.2 MB)
17 wHEALchair 7:23 Download MP3 (10.2 MB)
18 Sex Weapon 4:07 Download MP3 (5.7 MB)
19 Shroud Of Thorns
[Bonus Track]
2:26 Download MP3 (3.4 MB)
- Beautiful Liar Mix
[Bonus Track]
5:58 Download MP3 (5.5 MB)
21 Antenna [Bonus Track] 4:42 Download MP3 (6.6 MB)
22 Purge [Bonus Track] 4:56 Download MP3 (6.9 MB)
23 The Catalyst Hate
Far Beyond Death Mix
4:31 Download MP3 (6.3 MB)
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All music and Lyrics written and composed Colin Schwen
Recorded and engineeered from 1998—2006 at EscapePod Studio

Guest Gutars:
Matt Collins - Tracks 1, 2, 7 + 20
Jim Karanik - Track 17 (Solo)
Johannschlack - Tracks 7, 14 + 18

"Pinion" & "Reptile" are originally written + performed by Nine Inch Nails.

PM07 2006

©2007 Primordial Music